Saturday, November 24, 2012

Transformation of paradigm in need, Nike Lebron 9 South Beach gas mask

Mentioned of Nike Lebron 9 South Beach color, it must have many hot gas fans favorite style of. And now this pair of shoes is also popular with close to 5000 yuan, the hot degree of extremely high. It recently abroad a Sneaker lovers take it produced a very interesting masks, is to attract attention. In fact, used shoes transformation mask paradigm is absent a few, but this design is very worthy image, coupled with the game player's own interpretation, mask, coat, cheap air jordan shoes, T-shirt all South Beach color, we have seen is a want to control the feeling?
South Beach Lebron 9

LeBron 9 South Beach Coast color cake

Remember from last year the LeBron 8 South Beach launched, worldwide began to sweep a hot gas agitation, since then no clothing, shoes, accessories, and as long as the " south coast " is a term associated will cause the attention of people, and this year the cheap LeBron 9 Elite south beach coast color more the tornado is pushed to a new height. We recently in Ed Rosa Twitter saw a strange Dongdong, LeBron 9 South Beach for inspiration for the production of a cute little cake frosting parcel, silver, pink shoelaces and blue water in the end modified, of course there is also a smaller proportion of cake made of Elite Edition Box on the side the very eye-catching, in addition to the main birthday cake, she also carefully prepared a mini version of the LeBron 9 cake is convenient go out with. After reading you whether you have been unable to hold oneself back to take a bite of it.